Selling your car or truck online is a great way to put it in front of potential buyers. In step one of this series, you learned how to take great quality pictures of our vehicle. The second step in placing an ad is selecting the pictures of the vehicle you want to use in your listing.

Sell Your Car Online: Step 2, Using Pictures of Your Automobile Correctly

Sell Your Car Online: Step 2, Using Pictures of Your Automobile CorrectlySelling your car or truck online is a great way to put it in front of potential buyers. In step one of this series, titled Sell Your Car Online: Step 1, Taking High Quality Pictures of Your Automobile, you learned how to take great quality pictures of our vehicle.The second step in placing an ad is selecting the pictures of the vehicle you want to use in your listing. Remember the hypothetical situation from step 1? Using multiple pictures in your listing can give the potential buyer loads of information about your vehicle before the buyer even reads the first word about it. You must choose the correct combination of pictures to display with your listing for maximum effect. If you followed the directions in step 1, you should have at least 15 to 20 pictures to choose from. Group the pictures into categories depending on the angle (for example: front, left, rear, right, front right, rear left, under the hood, interior, etc.). Then select the best picture from each category and discard the rest. Now you should have a group of about 7 to 10 high quality pictures. Comb through these pictures and select the ones that, if displayed together, would show the most detail about your vehicle. The goal is not to overwhelm the potential buyer with tons of photos showing the same details, but to display great photos of different areas of the vehicle that convey the overall condition of the vehicle. A great example of photos to use is: front drivers side, rear passengers side, under the hood, interior, and any after market add-ons to the car. You should use at least 4 photos with each listing, but feel free to use more. After you select the correct photos, you need to edit them. Most auto classified web sites have a maximum file size for photos you can upload with your listings. The highest quality settings for digital cameras can be anywhere from 1 MB to 5 MB per photo and greater depending on the camera. So what do you do if the photos you take exceed that size? You have to edit or resize them. But before you do that, you need to know how images are displayed on computer monitors as opposed to print.High quality images displayed on the web are actually low quality when printed. Computer monitors display images at 72 DPI. A good quality printing will be 300 DPI or greater. A photo displayed on a monitor at 600 pixels (8.33 inches) wide will only be 2 inches wide if printed on paper. To get a good quality 8.33 inch print on paper, the photo will need to be at least 2500 pixels wide. This is a big difference in file size (and download time). The optimal size for photos on the internet is approximately 600 pixels wide by 400 pixels high. If your camera cant take pictures this size, even in the lowest quality setting, you will have to manually resize them. To do this you need an image editing program. Most computers have at least a simple image editing program on them. If your computer doesnt have one, youll need to download one from the internet. You can find free and low cost image editing programs by going to and searching for image editing software.However, you can skip the image editing step if you find a car classifieds site, like, that automatically resizes the photos upon upload so they are the optimal size for the internet. This could eliminate the need for you to manually resize your photos before upload. Choose the right pictures for your classified ad and viewers will set up and take notice. Look for the next installment titled Sell Your Car Online: Step 3, Using the Right Information to Help Sell Your Automobile. Happy selling.

Truck Floor Mats or Auto Floor Mats - Make a Great Holiday 'Adult' Gift

Truck Floor Mats or Auto Floor Mats - Make a Great Holiday

Finding a meaningful gift is sometimes impossible during the holiday shopping season. Are you running out of gift ideas that the recipient will appreciate and won't have to worry about returning the gift? The answer is Truck Floor Mats or Auto Floor Mats make the perfect gift for anyone on your list with a luxury car, sports car, sedan, van, SUV, pickup truck, virtually for any type of vehicles.Today's interior auto floor mats or floor liners are superior aftermarket products that provide extra protection for your vehicle's floor against spills, crud, mud, slush, grime and daily foot friction. Floor mats are a great, thoughtful gift because the recipient will think you every time they get in and out of their vehicle, many times throughout the day. You may even get the extra appreciation when the kids spill their fast food fries followed by the spilled pop - all of which is no big deal because the gifted "floor mat" s or "floor liner" s you gave as a gift, protected their vehicle's interior and clean up was a breeze.You'll be amazed how easy is to give a meaningful gift this year, to even that most difficult 'hard to buy for' person on your list. To help you with a flawless purchase, before you buy floor mats be prepared to have the following information ready:# Vehicle's year# Make and model# Basic vehicle layout (bench seats versus buckets)Shopping online for custom, fitting floor mats, floor liners and cargo liners will also save you time and avoid the mad mall shopping scene. Easy search terms like "rubber floor mats", "truck floor mats", "car floor mats" "all weather floor mats" will aide in finding e-commerce sites selling quality floor protection products.Some of the top automotive manufacturers for floor protection with products that provide protection, function and style are:# WeatherTech All Weather Rubber Floor Mats# WeatherTech Extreme Duty Floor Liners and Cargo Liners# Husky Heavy Floor Mats, Floor Liners and Cargo Liners# Nifty Catch-All Premium Floor Mats and Cargo Mats# Nifty Catch All Extreme Floor Mats and Cargo MatsMats and liners provide a custom fit to the vehicle's interior dimensions. Custom fit floor mats and liners are achieved by today's digital manufacturing capabilities that can match virtually every type of vehicle interior. Common materials used are carpet, rubber, or a high-tech poly-based material, each with different application strengths. For example, carpet floor liners are generally more common in warmer, drier climates. While all rubber or the poly-based materials in floor liners, liners and cargo liners are for all weather climates where moisture is prevalent.This year forget about giving gift cards or booze! Give something you'll get a sincere thank you! Floor mats, floor liners or cargo liners make a great gift for anyone on your holiday list.

2006 Kia Rio: Use and Toss?

2006 Kia Rio: Use and Toss?

Kia vehicles have managed to make significant strides in quality and durability since being introduced to the US market in 1994. Widely panned by critics as producing cheaply built and cheaply priced models, some Kia models are now performing at average or slightly above. The Kia Rio is not one of these cars, however. Only the extended warranty makes the Rio worth a look otherwise slightly more expensive cars from Toyota are preferable.With a base MSRP of just $10,735, the "Kia Rio" is touted as still the most affordable 4-door sedan in America. Certainly, when it comes to price, the Rio is a winner. Add in standard features such as dual remote mirrors, driver lumbar support seats, and the extended warranty, and the car is a value leader. Of course, air conditioning will cost you extra and dont expect to find any type of radio in the car either unless you pay extra for it. Remember, the emphasis is on value, not equipment. The Kia is powered by a 1.6L DOHC 16 valve I4 engine paired with a five speed manual transmission. The five passenger sedan produces an anemic 104hp; a four speed automatic transmission is optional.Various upgrade packages allow consumers to select additional comfort and convenience options as well as safety features including four wheel antilock brakes. One almost thinks that a customer would do better purchasing the basic model and then purchasing Kia accessories through a parts wholesaler to maximize the cars value.The best part of the Rio -- or any Kia car for that matter -- is the extended warranty, one of the best in the industry. Without it, the Rio would be truly forgettable. Kias warranty covers the following:

  • Limited Powertrain: 10 years or 100,000 miles
  • Limited Basic: 5 years or 60,000 miles
  • Limited Anti-Perforation: 5 years or 100,000 miles
  • Roadside Assistance: 5 years / unlimited milesThe Kia Rio serves the purpose of providing cheap, basic transportation. If you drive a lot and need an economical car, then the Rio is worth a look. Just dont think that the car rises to the level of a Toyota, otherwise you will be sorely disappointed. You may get five or six good years out of the car before its value decreases to the point where it simply should be discarded.

    A Luxurious Drive

    A Luxurious Drive

    The 2006 Lincoln LS is only available in one trim only, and that is the V8 Sport. It is crafted under the Lincoln brand as a luxury sports sedan with four doors, and can accommodate a passenger capacity of five people maximum. It is equipped with the standard 3.9 liter V8 engine with 280 horsepower and this can achieve 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg while driving on the highway. Also standard is a 5-speed automatic transmission with overdrive. This vehicle is a freshened version for this year. During its first production, this was introduced as a midsize, rear wheel drive luxury car at entry-level. It has the Ford DEW98 platform that is also used by the Jaguar S-Type and the Ford Thunderbird. Its main competitors in the market include the BMW 3 series, the Lexus ES, the Mercedes Benz C-Class, the Acura TL, and the Cadillac CTS. This vehicle was first introduced in the early part of 1999 and this was the first Lincoln vehicle that offered a manual transmission. It was a definite attractive alternative to European and Japanese sports sedans. However, come 2006, the Lincoln LS model for this year had been moved from the entry-level luxury segment to the bottom of the mid-level luxury segment, thus having a change in competitors. This time, it had the Mercedes Benz E-class, the Cadillac STS, the BMW 5-Series, and the Lexus GS as its main competitors. Even if the Lincoln LS shares the very same platform that the Jaguar S-Type and the Ford Thunderbird is using, this vehicle still differs in its styling and equipment. This vehicle comes with a 280-hp V8 engine with a 5-speed automatic transmission with manual-shift capability, ABS, traction control, and 17-inch wheels. What is also made standard are the front side airbags. It also features and has options like head-protecting curtain side airbags, an antiskid system, power-adjustable pedals, a rear-obstacle detection system, a navigation system, a THX sound system, an AM/FM radio with in-dash 6-disc CD changer, an upgraded sound system, a power sunroof, heated/cooled front seats, heated rear seats, a tri-coat paint, metallic paint, chrome alloy wheels, and xenon head lamps. Rumors have it, though, that this year could be the last time that the Lincoln LS would be rolling off the manufacturing plants. As per its fuel economy, the Lincoln LS has averaged 17.7 to 19.0 mpg. Lincoln, thus recommends regular-grade fuel in this vehicle model. Although it is less composed than its European rivals, the Lincoln LS has a ride quality that is comfortable enough. Its expansion joints are fairly well-masked and hidden. It is also capable and balanced in aggressive cornering. Its steering and handling provides a good grip and steering feel. The brakes also have a moderate body lean and are strong. It is not really hushed up, however it could be quite enough for the only noise one could hear would be the low wind and minor tire roar on coarse pavements. Lincoln Parts and Car Parts online store contains a stock of high quality and well-crafted Lincoln LS parts and accessories.

    Pay as you go car insurance

    You can pay as you talk with a cell phone plan, so why not pay as you drive auto insurance? It sounds like a good idea; but would pay as you drive "auto insurance" work for you? The idea behind pay as you drive auto insurance is simple. Basically its this- if you do not drive very much, you will not pay high insurance premiums. Advocates for this type of insurance policy think that there are many merits to this type of program. What if you car pool to work, or take public transit? You are not using your car very much so why are you paying high premiums. With a pay as you drive auto insurance premiums you would be able to quite literally pay as you go. Another situation where this plan would be of benefit is that of many retirees who have winter homes in temperate climates, the 'snowbirds' living in Florida or Arizona six months of the year and six months in New York or Toronto for example. Essentially the insurance companies would set an average driving amount for each car type. It could then be broken down into a cents per mile basis. If you wanted to us the pay as you drive auto insurance system you could purchase a set number of miles and you would be covered for insurance during this period. Pay as you drive auto insurance is an excellent idea for those individuals who do not use their car very much or try to find cost saving methods or environment saving alternatives. Currently this type of program is not yet available, but there are supporters in many states who are hoping to change that soon. Groups including Environmental Defense, the Conservation Law Foundation and even the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are working to organize a national cooperative that would work with insurance companies to offer deep discounts for low-mileage drivers; halfway a step toward PAYD (Pay As You Drive) insurance. General Motors and On-Star Offers PAYD Rates. In mid-2004 General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC) Insurance began offering mileage-based discounts to OnStar subscribers located in some states. The OnStar system reports a vehicle's odometer readings at the beginning and end of the policy term to verify mileage. Motorist who drive less than specified annual mileage can receive insurance premium discounts of up to 40%. PAYD programs are also currently available in Israel, South Africa and Holland. PAYD is gaining momentum, and will be coming to your area soon.But will it ever arrive in the biggest Car Insurance market, the UK?There has been a lot of debate and forwarded working concepts but non yet approved. Discussions have been put in place and considerations made but for as far as the UK drivers are concerned, that is as far as it has gone. Perhaps the industry has too much to lose with this new money saving concept so it will be put off for a while, but as pressure and countrys evolve into the new scheme it would be irrational for the UK to stay behind, fingers crossed peps.

    Adjusting The Headlights Of Your Car

    Those huge eyes shining in the dark. Those are simply the headlights of your car. It is actually a lamp. And just by the name itself, it is located in the head or the front end of your vehicle. Of course, these have been mounted there not just for aesthetic purposes but also for functional purposes. These headlights help you out see the road ahead clearly by lighting up and illuminating the way. In fact, headlights are very essential during driving at night or even when driving during bad weather conditions like heavy rain or foggy days. If you think that by simply putting on your headlights on your car, it would be able to light your way up to your destination. Well, think again. These headlights should be properly installed at the right angles. Or else, you might be driving with the headlights lighting the sides only of the road when they should be lighting up the road ahead. You can do the adjusting yourself through the screws you can find on the assembly for the headlights. It is just one screwdriver that youll need to take on such a task. To check if you do need to adjust your cars headlights, park your car first somewhere where the ground is flat. Make sure that the front of your car is facing a flat surface a wall, a fence, or a garage door, perhaps. And then, turn the headlights on. You would know that they are correctly mounted if they are straightly even. If you find that they do need a little tinkering and adjusting, you can lower or raise the beams by loosening or tightening the adjustment screws of the headlights with your screwdriver. The adjustment screws can be found usually on the side and the bottom of the headlights.

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    Selling your car or truck online is a great way to put it in front of potential buyers. In step one of this series, you learned how to take great quality pictures of our vehicle. The second step in placing an ad is selecting the pictures of the vehicle you want to use in your listing.